Grilled to the Mac – Food Van – American Sandwiches


Grilled to the Mac, Location Varies, Phone 0403 924 185.

Mac N Cheese … Grilled to the Mac sell cheesy goodness. Whether it be Mac and Cheese or a toasty oozing with melted cheese. They even offer a Mac and Cheese toasty. Which is Supreme Decadence!!

Grilled to the Mac - Food Van

At the Inglewood on Beaufort Night Markets

The menu is very American and I’m pretty sure they use Jack Cheese because of the strong yellow colouring.

The crew are all business. Orders are taken with a smile. And the food appears after a relatively short wait.

We tried their Mac and Cheese and it was yummy, macaroni pasta oozing with a cheesy sauce. Grilled To The Mac also do grilled sandwiches like Rueben, Cuban and a Ham and Three Cheese.

It was good to find a food truck doing small serves because a lot of the other trucks’ meals were very large, as in too much food, if that’s possible. The Mac and Cheese serving was just the right size and allowed us to try other vendors as well.

Want to try their grilled Mac and Cheese sandwich next time but may have to build up to it.

Also, really like their yellow theme, with the kitchen caravan, towing van and chairs all matching.

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