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Coffee Hut, 4 / 777A Great Eastern Highway, Herne Hill WA 6056, Phone 9296 0255.

Road Trip … We went on a bit of a road trip recently which started quite early in the a.m. About half an hour into the drive we decided food was needed urgently. This is not unusual for us. So, we stopped at a group of shops in Herne Hill, one of which was the Coffee Hut.

Coffee Hut

Treats On Display

Coffee Hut looks like an actual hut, with its timber facing and verandah seating. The decor is eclectic and old fashioned, in a good way, earning kudos for atmosphere straight up. We ordered a couple of savoury scones which they warmed up and buttered. Didn’t try the coffee but it smelled good. The scone I ate was great and I presume Xena liked hers because it was gone very quickly. Good home style cooking and value for money.

The Cafe has food on display all over the counter and in the glass showcase and all of it looked terrific. We decided we couldn’t leave without a Gingerbread Man just because they looked so cute. Well, you can guess that it was really Xena who wanted the GB.

It’s hard to find good quality food at Roadside Cafes. My apologies to all Roadside Cafes but that’s been my experience up until today. The Coffee Hut appears to be one of a kind.

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