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Wagon, Location Varies.

Real food … Finally got a chance to try the Wagon at the Maylands Hawkers Market. Been trying to track down this food truck for a while now. It was difficult because they are usually in the Fremantle area, and, I am usually not. Great looking van with an enviable commercial kitchen. Seriously, it’s better fitted out than most Restaurant kitchens. Got to beat this food truck envy thing.

The Wagon

Vegan Food Van

The Wagon produces healthy food using fresh, local, sustainable ingredients. Their philosophy is “eat real food”. And, they offer a range of Vegan food. Their band of loyal followers enjoy the food and the ethos behind it.

Tried a plate of Chef Andy’s Chickpea Curry with Rice. It was extra rich with tomato and onions, as you’d expect, and had a great blend of spices and herbs. There was also a smear of cashew cream over the top which we liked a lot. The cashew cream is an important thing, as it makes the meal totally vegan friendly. The chickpeas were really excellent, not mushy at all. This was quality comfort food but very healthy.

The Wagon even supplied tables and chairs which was food truck dining in style.

Sadly, the Wagon was sold in 2015 and Chef Andy has gone on an adventure to further his career in Europe.

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