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Theo and Co Pizzeria, 838 Albany Highway, East Victoria Park WA 6101, Phone 9361 6776.

Pizza galore … Heading off to Victoria Park to dine at a particular place proved disappointing. Our intended venue had one favourite dish that was not on the menu that day. So we left to find something else and stumbled across Theo and Co Pizzeria.

Theo and Co Pizzeria

It’s an interesting place. The decor is eclectic and trés cool, very appealing. We were greeted with a smile and told to sit anywhere and order at the bar when we were ready.

Theo and Co Pizzeria

The menu is huge, so many pizzas to choose from. There was self service water and colourful mugs to keep us amused while we decided. We ordered and waited quite a while for the food but the company was good so the wait wasn’t too much of a bother.

Theo and Co Pizzeria

Between us we ordered 4 pizzas and it seems the haloumi and green peppercorn one was a favourite for just about everyone.

Theo and Co Pizzeria

The other pizzas. The Margherita, Chick Pea and the Roasted Vegetables Pizzas were all full of great ingredients.

Theo and Co Pizzeria

I would say that the pizza crusts were quite thick and not completely to my taste. But the ingredients were fresh and tasted amazing.

Theo and Co Pizzeria

Overall, the experience was a good one. Staff were very busy because the restaurant was full. Pizzas took a while to appear on our table. And, the last straggler pizza took ages to come out. But we were sharing, so it was no drama. We were quite content to sit and chat.

The cafe has good light, no dark corners to be found. It is a big cafe, with a hodgepodge of different seating and tables. But it all somehow fits in together and works as a decor.

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