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Sweet Dream Foods, Location Varies, Perth, Western Australia WA 6000, Phone 0419 653 296.

Three Words … Chocolate – Buttermilk – Donuts. Sweet Dream Foods had me at hello when I discovered their signature donut. Chocolate and Buttermilk in a donut with a glazed icing. Well did you ever. Who was the genius behind that recipe! I’d like to shake their hand.

Sweet Dream Foods

Chocolate Buttermilk Donuts

I first ran across Sweet Dream Foods at the Victoria Park Farmer’s Market. We tried their Bagels and didn’t notice the donuts. Guess we were hungry for savoury. I remember that the bagel was really very good and even better it was seeded and wholemeal. We had a Krabbe Burger with a handmade vegetarian patty and slaw. Delish.

Sweet Dream Foods

It was a few months later that I ran into Sweet Dream Foods. This time I only had eyes for the donuts. One in particular, the Chocolate Buttermilk Glaze. We bought a few and headed home. I made some espresso and we tried the donuts. Bliss in every bite. Yum.

Sweet Dream Foods

Have heard recently that they have been doing very well at Festivals and Music shows. Getting good reviews for their food, with a lot of people commenting on how healthy the choices were.

Feedback like that can’t be purchased. And, word of mouth is priceless.

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