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Meatball Bar Leederville, 745 Newcastle Street, Leederville WA 6007, Phone 0499 621 471.

Chilli Chicken Balls … Have been meaning to try the Meatball Bar Leederville for a long time now. And, we finally got there today. Sometimes there is so much to choose from in Leederville that you just can’t see the Forest for the Trees. So, keeping our heads down, we marched straight to the cafe. Avoiding eye contact and the temptation of signs and menus along the way.

Meatball Bar Leederville

As we settled into the Cafe, one of the specials caught my eye. The Chilli Chicken Meatballs with vegetable fried rice for $20. When my dish arrived I thought it was a smallish plate of food. But, looks can be deceiving, and the serving size suited me. The Asian influenced chicken balls were just lovely. The sauce, the sauce, the sauce. Couldn’t believe how good the sauce tasted.

There is great need for me to return to The Meatball Bar because on reading through the menu I noticed they have polenta balls with Sicillian caponata. And, a couple of other items which would lure me back definitely.

Prefer to dine al fresco and watch the hustle and bustle of Newcastle Street go by.

A great introduction meal to this place. Sadly, was in such a hurry to eat the meal, I forgot the photo. Will definitely be returning.

Update November 2015:
There is now a Meatball Bar in Mount Lawley. And, it’s fabulous as well.

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