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Finlay and Sons no 917, Beaufort Street, Inglewood WA 6052, Phone 0431 899 658.

So Many Levels of Enjoyment … Finlay and Sons no 917 is a cosy, funky little cafe. It is located directly opposite the Clock Tower on Beaufort Street.

Finlay and Sons no 917

We were welcomed with a smile and told to sit anywhere. Water and menus arrived shortly afterwards. Staff were on their toes. The decor includes distressed walls, tables and some pieces of furniture. Finlay & Sons no 917 has a nice cosy vibe. It’s an old building but it looks very modern. The kitchen is open and they have a coffee hatch for people who just want coffee.

It’s not often I’m presented with a breakfast menu and can’t decide straight away what to have. Not eating red meat always limits options. But this menu had some very interesting choices. And, some good combinations.

Personally, we decided we chose the best options. Goats curd with toasted baguette and roasted mushrooms for me. And for Xena, the waffles with mascarpone and caramelised bananas. Both plates looked amazing and then we started to eat. The goats curd came with spinach and an aioli smear. There were little bursts of flavour with every bite. The bread was exceptional. And, there was some very good quality salt going on in there somewhere. Great dish.

Finlay and Sons no 917

The waffles were light and fluffy but Xena insisted they tasted like doughnuts. But in a very good way. To me, they just tasted very very good. The mascarpone blended well but the star was the caramelised bananas. A decadent, delicious combination. Enjoyed both dishes and the atmosphere very much. A new favourite.

Finlay and Sons no 917

We ordered coffee and a hot chocolate. Both were very well presented. Although the cappuccino art was a little blurry (I’ll live). Good strong coffee with a great Crema. Xena was presented with marshmallows for the hot chocolate. Win Win.

Finlay and Sons no 917

Such a pleasant Brunch. Thoroughly enjoyable. The service continued to be great for our entire stay. Even though the place was absolutely bustling, the staff kept up. They’re doing it well.

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