The Garden – Restaurant – Beer Garden


The Garden, Leederville Hotel, 742 Newcastle Street, Leederville WA 6007, Phone 9202 8282.

Great Ambience … Was dragged along with Xena on a visit to The Garden in Leederville. This lovely restaurant is part of the Leederville Hotel. And, is housed in a seriously revamped old building.

The Garden - Restaurant - Beer Garden

Great Old Building

I wasn’t hungry so contented myself with a glass of sparking wine. Soaking in both the wine and the ambience of the place. They have a great wine list and my glass of Blooming Gorgeous sparkling hit the spot.

Staff were courteous, if a little distant. A pizza Margherita was ordered and arrived quite quickly. Xena was wolfing it down but I managed to score a piece. It was fine, as pizzas go, but at nearly $20 it was a bit pricey for cheese and sauce. Although, the buffalo mozzarella was a nice touch. And, the crust was proper wood fired crust. Thin, crispy and crunchy.

The staff were no where to be seen for most of our time there but that didn’t really matter as we were finished in under an hour. We did receive water eventually and the Bill came promptly when it was requested.

Looking through the Lunch menu made me want a revisit to try some of the smaller plates and the gnocchi sounds wonderful.

Love the décor of The Garden. Both the building itself and the garden area. There is both indoor and outdoor dining opportunities, eclectic seating and a large bar area. The Building is really old but charming and has been refurbished inside and out.

The Leederville Hotel is Heritage Listed. I’m presuming that means the building hosting The Garden is too.They are both such beautiful old buildings. Heritage Place No. 2201.

I was pleased to note that large sections of Leederville are Heritage Listed. So much of Perth has been pulled down. It seems these old buildings are safe. For now at least.

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