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Meatball Bar Mount Lawley, 607 Beaufort Street, Mount Lawley WA 6050, Phone 0434 104 740.

New Venue … Xena and I were walking along Beaufort Street and discovered a new kid on the Block. Meatball Bar Leederville has a twin sister right on Beaufort Street.

Meatball Bar Mount Lawley

Meatball Bar Mount Lawley opened a few weeks ago and I would suggest it is bigger and a bit brighter than the Leederville venue. So perhaps they’re not identical twins. The new venue has a large Bar, eclectic seating and windows on three sides. Also offering many opportunities for people watching.

Meatball Bar Mount Lawley

The staff were on the ball and approached us as we entered. We were told to sit anywhere and asked if we wanted water. The water appeared quickly as did the menus. As we had ordered a drink from the Bar, we were given a complimentary bowl of spiced nuts which was a nice gesture.


We decided that Small Plates of food were the way to go for us. The Large Plates just sounded like too much food.

Meatball Bar Mount Lawley

We chose three dishes. Polenta Balls with Sicilian Caponata, Wild Mushroom and Pecorino Arancini with Cauliflower Puree, and Teriyaki Chicken Balls with Edamame Beans and Lychees.

Meatball Bar Mount Lawley

Let me just say that it’s true you do eat with your eyes. From the moment I saw the plates of food I knew they would taste delicious. Delicious looking food that tasted even more delicious.

Did I mention the food was delicious? Again, it was the attention to detail, the minutiae, that made us feel pampered.

Meatball Bar Mount Lawley

The Polenta Balls came with a Sicilian Caponata. This was a lush ragu and included capers and eggplant. The Caponata tasted so good, it was my favourite.

Meatball Bar Mount Lawley

The Arancini Balls were complimented by the cauliflower puree and the hint of truffle in the oil.

Meatball Bar Mount Lawley

Last but not least, the Teriyaki Chicken Balls were covered in tiny sesame seeds. The sauce was thick and lovely and the edamame and lychee pieces were a near perfect match.

Meatball Bar Mount Lawley

Most noteworthy is that those three plates were more than enough food for the two of us. Any more would have been superfluous.


So, we will return for more balls, definitely.

My glass of Andreola Verv Prosecco (Italy) was stunning. Lemon, Citrus, Pears, Blossoms it was all going on. Lush.

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