Soul Cocina Cantina – Latin American Street Food


Soul Cocina Cantina, Location Varies, Phone 0400 831 131.

Hello Soul Food … Some lovely soul posted me a link to this fairly new Food Van. And, am I glad they did. Soul Cocina Cantina offer Latin American food, including paella, fresh corn tacos, burritos and chimichangas. And, it is exactly what we’d been waiting for, Street Food wise.

Soul Cocina Cantina - Street Food

I have been a Street Food groupie for a number of years now. And, whenever I see a new Mexican / Latin American Food Truck my heart skips a beat. I zoom up to read the menu, only to be disappointed because all the interesting menu items are “meaty”. Not eating red meat means I’m left with the vegetarian nachos, sigh. Not that I’m against nachos, it’s just when that’s the only thing you’re ever presented with, it can be boring.

Soul Cocina Cantina - Street Food

Until today that is. Today, Xena and I skipped out for a quick lunch at Soul Cocina Cantina. They were parked in the park opposite Silver city, AKA the Education Department, in East Perth.

Heading across the park we saw the Soul Cocina Cantina van sitting under a shady tree.  They had laid out a few tables and chairs scattered about under the tree. It all looked very pretty.

The menu had quite a number of dishes we wanted to try. There were loads of Bean and Chicken dishes and to us this was like finding Gold.

Soul Cocina Cantina - Street Food

So, we ordered two Barramundi Tacos and Two Bean Tacos. These were around $7.00 each with the total bill coming in at $26.00 because of a special offer.

Some amazing looking food was presented to us, mostly fresh vegetables and quality ingredients. Love that they’d grilled corn on the cob and sprinkled the kernels through the salad.

Soul Cocina Cantina - Street Food

There was avocado, jalapeños, tomato, onion and crispy sweet potato chips. And, it all looked delectable.

Soul Cocina Cantina - Street Food

The Tacos were hard to eat but we didn’t care because they tasted amazing. We ate everything on the plate, appreciated the zesty salsa, the avocado and those fab chips.

Soul Cocina Cantina - Street Food

Sign us up, we want to be part of the Soul Cocina Cantina club.

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  1. Alana Lee

    Not only is the food wonderfully fresh and tasty, but they are such happy “souls” its such a pleasure to eat with them! Always parked somewhere pretty amidst the trees. Great food, great venues, great company and very friendly service.

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