Crepe Cherie Cafe – Creperie – Coffee Bar


Crepe Cherie, 200 Karrinyup Road, Karrinyup WA 6018, Phone 9204 5807.

Ooh La La … A little bit of France has appeared in Karrinyup Shopping Centre. Crepe Cherie sits in the middle of the one of the atriums in the Centre. It is toned down in sombre browns, whites and tans but still manages to look sophisticated.


Always like it when a café has a magazine rack. It means they don’t mind if you buy a coffee and sit for a while. As we were doing the dreaded food shopping for the holidays we just need a quick meal.

Crepe Cherie Cafe - Creperie

The service at Crepe Cherie was a little unpredictable but friendly enough. There was a large display counter of the food on offer. Xena went with the Tuna Melt and for me a Chicken and Avocado Crepe. At $7.50 each, this was good value.

Crepe Cherie Cafe - Creperie

The food seemed to take a while to appear and when it did the arrivals were separate. The presentation was cute, a little flair with the balsamic reduction, two pieces of lettuce and half a cherry tomato. Artistic but just for decoration really.

Crepe Cherie Cafe - Creperie

I knew straight away that my crepe wasn’t really a healthy meal, I could taste both butter and cream. But it tasted delicious and I really couldn’t fault it. Xena’s Tuna Melt just kind of disappeared into the ether. She said it was great though.

Crepe Cherie Cafe - Creperie

Just a note about the service. Tables weren’t being cleared and a small café needs that attention to detail. The water station had glasses that customers had returned. But the waitperson brought out some fresh glasses and water just for me. That’s good service.

Crepe Cherie Cafe - Creperie

All in all I would return to have a crepe at Crepe Cherie. Everything in moderation I keep repeating to myself.

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