Ugolicious Greek Frozen Yoghurt – Self Serve


Ugolicious Greek Frozen Yoghurt, 609-623 Beaufort Street, Mount Lawley, Phone 0452 520 084.

It’s all Greek to me … Walking along Beaufort Street after an enjoyable lunch we came across a new dessert place. Ugolicious, a Greek Company, who pride themselves on offering up 100% milk solids in their Frozen Yoghurt. No powdered milk for them. And, their claim that the froyo is 98% Fat Free, makes it all the more enjoyable.

Ugolicious Greek Frozen Yoghurt

100% Milk – No Powders – Greek Frozen Yoghurt

It’s a sunny looking little café with limited seating. The colour scheme is all whites, greens and blues and it has a very “clean” feel to it.

Ugolicious Greek Frozen Yoghurt

Nice Decor

Xena and I have been into normal Greek Yoghurt for a while now so we were eager to try the frozen variety.

Ugolicious Greek Frozen Yoghurt

Self Service

Ugolicious offer up a small cup for $5.00 which includes free toppings. Bonus. For the larger cups you pay by the weight. A relatively new concept and can be quite expensive.

So the $5.00 cup seemed the way to go, Xena opted for plain yoghurt with chocolate topping, while my choice was mango and strawberry with no toppings.

Ugolicious Greek Frozen Yoghurt

Beautiful tasting froyo with a definite back taste of pure Greek yoghurt. It is awesome. Don’t need to say any more on the topic.

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