Le Papillon Patisserie Cafe – Bakery – Coffee Bar


Le Papillon Patisserie, 274 Bulwer Street, Northbridge WA 6000, Phone 9227 6664.

Some Kind of Wonderful … Have you ever walked into a Café, ordered and then felt perhaps it was a mistake. This happened to me today.

Le Papillon Patisserie

I’d already had lunch in Claremont but was in dire need of a coffee.

Le Papillon Patisserie

Le Papillon was quite busy with coffee drinkers everywhere. But when my eyes came across the Pain au Chocolat, one of those was added to the order. Almost cancelled because it was too much food. But I did know that Xena could eat it if it was beyond me.

Le Papillon Patisserie

Turns out they do an excellent coffee. My cappuccino was hot and strong and delicious. Le Papillon has been added to my favourite coffee list.

Le Papillon Patisserie

So, they are also a Patisserie. With the pastries being made in house and, oh my, the selection is pretty good. The Pain au Chocolat was fresh and buttery and the pastry was amazing. The thick dark chocolate swirls were outstanding. And, it was virtually inhaled. Lovely grub. Sorry Xena.

Le Papillon Patisserie

Le Papillon is a Café that has been around for a long time. It seems like it has been around forever. Just a two minute walk to Hyde Park makes it a go-to place for coffee and their delicious pastries.

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