Henry On Eighth – Cafe – Bar – Art Space


Henry On Eighth, 49 Eighth Avenue, Maylands WA 6051,

It’s all in the execution … Henry on Eighth Café and Bar had me at hello. The coffee aromas assured me I was going to enjoy my cappuccino. The subtle décor with its nod to Tudor life was pretty awesome as well.

Henry On Eighth

So, first the coffee. My cappuccino perfectly executed, arrived with great crema swirled in the foam and bonus coffee art. A great cup of coffee. The coffee hatch opens early for those who don’t want to dine in. Xena’s Hot Chocolate was given the thumbs up as well.

Henry On Eighth

Given that the place has only been open a few weeks, they are very organised. Have had much worse experiences at places still ironing out the wrinkles. Our entire Henry on Eighth experience was painless.

Henry On Eighth

Back to the food. We were both starving. Xena ordered Buckwheat Hotcakes with Ricotta, Praline and Blueberries, lots of Blueberries. I was taken with this dish because it wasn’t over sweet and was actually quite healthy. The addition of a sprinkling of crunchy praline gave an extra texture. Great dish.


My ShakShuka presented well. A rich green and red tomato Ragu with Cannellini Beans and loads of Fresh Herbs encasing the single baked egg. The dish was served with some excellent Olive Bread.

Henry On Eighth

Henry on Eighth is open for Brunch until 3pm, then they have a Bar Menu until late. Noticed they had a platform with a microphone, so that means live entertainment? Worth a visit to find out.

Henry On Eighth

When I first read about the place it was billed as Henry on Eighth and the Kings Above. The upstairs loft has elevator access. Which means room for the proposed “Art Space”.

Henry On Eighth

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