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Divine Flute, Ballajura WA 6066, Phone 0430 490 250.

Divine Street Food … Divine Flute is a new, to us, Street Food vendor which we stumbled across at Crimea Canteen last night. They offer, in their words, Indianized Veggie Treats. There were things on the menu I’d kind of vaguely heard of but immediately decided we just had to try. Dosa and Vada stood out, so we ordered a dish that had both.

Divine Flute - Indian Street Food

Crimea Canteen Saturday Night

Masala Dosa with Vada was the dish we chose. Dosa is like a pancake but it’s made with fermented rice and lentils then grilled until crispy. The Masala part is the filling, which was mainly potatoes and other vegetables in a light curry sauce. Ours came with a side of vegetable Dahl as well as a spicy minty chutney. And, the Vada, a small bagel like fried bread.

Divine Flute - Indian Street Food

Every single part of this dish was a revelation. There were loads of different flavours in the mix and there were lots of different textures. The stars were the chutney and the Dosa. But everything else was pretty darn good too.

Divine Flute - Indian Street Food

They mix up their menu a bit with fusion items like Paneer Tikka Veggie Pizza and dessert Choco Pizza. Something to try next time perhaps.

Divine Flute - Indian Street Food

Always love trying something different and these guys are doing it pretty uniquely.

Masala Dosa with Vada was $12.00.

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