Bahn Mizzle – Authentic Vietnamese Street Food


Bahn Mizzle, Location Varies, Phone 0402 907 880.

We Are Family … Bahn Mizzle sell authentic Vietnamese Street Food. On the menu are Banh Mi, Pho, Noodle Salad and Spring Rolls. They make everything fresh and only use locally sourced and seasonal produce.

Bahn Mizzle - Authentic Vietnamese Street Food

Bahn Mizzle is run by a family team, Husband, Wife and Mother In Law helping out occasionally. They work together seamlessly in their Mobile Kitchen. A kitchen that wouldn’t be out of place in a Restaurant I might add. Can’t believe that it’s just these three who make all that lovely food.

Bahn Mizzle - Authentic Vietnamese Street Food

Banh Mizzle at Crimea Reserve

We first came across Bahn Mizzle at the City of Bayswater Streats Crimea Canteen. But they also make an appearance at the Inglewood on Beaufort Night Markets. Possibly a good idea to check their Facebook for other locations.

Bahn Mizzle - Authentic Vietnamese Street Food

This particular night we were determined to try the Banh Mi. Purchased one to take away. It was visually pretty stunning and everything smelled delicious. The Chicken was tender, the vegetables were fresh and crunchy. They use Chicken Pate and it blended well with the other ingredients.

Bahn Mizzle - Authentic Vietnamese Street Food

Just look at that Bread … yum.

This Banh Mi is up there on my list of favourite Banh Mi. It’s a short list.

Always a pleasure to eat a Banh Mi in any circumstances. Crimea Canteen has great atmosphere for a car park in a Reserve. The vendors put out their small tables and chairs, some put out heaters and the crowds flock there to eat. It’s like a party.

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