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Ivy League, Shop 15-16, 863 Hay Street, Perth WA 6000, Phone 6261 9332.

A Cluster at Cloisters … Ivy League is the latest addition to Cloisters Square in the CBD. It was never really a foodie haven but now there is a distinct cluster of cafes and lunch spots to choose from. Three of my favourite Coffee Bars lurk together in and around this small Square.

Ivy League - Coffee - Food

Ivy League fronts onto Hay Street and the Café is clean and very modern. It’s also very comfortable and a good place to grab a quick coffee and food. I was also quite impressed that it was so inexpensive. My coffee and Smashed Avo came in at just over $12.00.

Ivy League - Coffee - Food

The coffee is amazing and a lot of thought appears to go into the creation of this brew. Cloisters Square could well become my new favourite destination in the City.

Ivy League - Coffee - Food

So the Smashed Avo was toting some excellent sour dough bread. As well as the avocado there was some finely diced tomato and spatters of Feta which made it look like Bruschetta. Some excellent seasoning finished off this simple dish. Enjoyed every mouthful.

Ivy League - Coffee - Food

So, the menu is small but sophisticated. Browse their food display because the cakes and treats are worth it. Staff were great.

Ivy League - Coffee - Food

Sat reading the paper and enjoying my breakfast before heading off to my meeting.

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