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Health Freak Cafe, Beaux Lane, 609 Beaufort Street, Mount Lawley, Phone 9328 3125.

Let’s Get Physical … Setting off to try Health Freak Café’s burgers with visions of Olivia Newton John dancing in my head. But it wasn’t like that at all as it turned out. Just a normal café with normal clients who happen to like a healthy diet.

Health Freak Cafe - Coffee - Raw Desserts

They have a very large menu full of healthy and mostly sugar free items including pasta, burgers and salads.

Health Freak Cafe - Coffee - Raw Desserts

overlooking Beaux Lane

I’d decided that their Chicken and Avocado Protein Burger was the one for me. A Free Range Chicken Breast, topped with Avocado, Salad, Sweet Chilli Mayo and Capsicum Relish.

Health Freak Cafe - Coffee - Raw Desserts

Was really happy with the presentation of the Burger and noticed their house made Protein Bread especially.


The bread looked so healthy with loads of seeds and its dark rich colour. The burger was packed full of delicious looking ingredients.

Health Freak Cafe - Coffee - Raw Desserts

So, thankfully it tasted pretty special as well. Too big to handle with two hands I cut it in two and used a knife and fork. The chicken was a little chewy in places but the flavours were all in place. Overall a pretty good burger.

Health Freak Cafe - Coffee - Raw Desserts

Not sure why I haven’t visited before now. And, will definitely be back to try their coffee and raw desserts.

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