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Jamie’s Italian Revisit, 140 William Street, Perth, Phone 9363 8600.

New Year’s Day … Xena and I decided to start 2017 with a nice meal. So, we headed to Jamie’s Italian in the City and it proved to be a good choice as hardly anywhere else was open.

Jamie's Italian Revisit

We haven’t been to Jamie’s since mid 2015 and were quite excited to be back. Staff seemed to be under a bit of pressure though as smiles were limited.

Jamie's Italian Revisit

Xena and I both ordered the Fusilli Arrabbiata and this traditional sauce was a fiery tomato and garlic sauce with basil, vegetarian pecorino, fierce Scotch Bonnets and EVOO. The dish was topped with pangrattato or crunchy baked breadcrumbs which added a nice texture.

Jamie's Italian Revisit

For me the chilli was just bearable but Xena scoffed hers down and said it wasn’t that hot. So, it appears to depend on your Palate.

Jamie's Italian Revisit

The dish presented well and the house made Fusilli was cut at different lengths which gave it an artisan quality. Plain and simple fare but delicious.

Jamie's Italian Revisit

We shared a Bread Board as well which came with Olive Tapenade plus a small dish of EVOO and Balsamic. Delish.

Jamie's Italian Revisit

Xena desperately needed the Molten Chocolate Praline Pudding which had a liquid praline centre and came with Vanilla Ice Cream and even more praline as decoration. I tried some and it was extremely decadent, rich and fabulous. Xena loved it and made her way through the dish easily.

Hello 2017.

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