Starfish Bar – Seafood – CLOSED


Starfish Bar, 515 Beaufort Street, Highgate, Phone 9227 8015.

What The World Needs Now … Is Starfish Bar and their Seafood. They shuck their Oysters, grill or fry their Fish and toss their Salads and the food is as fresh as can be.

Starfish Bar

Nestled opposite the Queens Tavern and snuggled up to El Publico this little Café appears to be holding its own. Considering the calibre of the foodies around them that is no small feat.

Starfish Bar

Love Starfish Bar’s signature colours of sky blue and white and the vertical gardens, the varied seating and the tiered venue. It’s very twee and appealing.

Starfish Bar

After some deliberation we ordered two plates of the grilled fish with green salad and chips. The food looked delicious and I couldn’t resist tossing a chip in my mouth which proved dangerous as they were very hot. There’s that awkward thing again.

Starfish Bar

The fish was chewy and flavoursome and the salad had a great dressing. But the chips could use a little more flavour as they were crunchy but needed some pizzazz. A little pinch of good salt crystals?

Starfish Bar

Enjoyed the experience and with a plate of food coming in at $15.00 it was good value for money.

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