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Pappagallo Cafe Pizzeria, 250 Oxford Street, Leederville, Phone 9444 0889.

The Pasta Or Pizza Dilemma … So excited to finally get to dine at Pappagallo in Leederville. It’s a Cafe with very good word of mouth and according to Google Pappagallo means Parrot, which is a little quirky. Love it.

Pappagallo Cafe Pizzeria

It was 5pm and the place was crowded and I was torn between the pizza and pasta. Honestly, people at tables all around me were eating pizza and it looked delicious but I went with my instinct and ordered the Pasta.

Pappagallo Cafe Pizzeria

But first I ordered a glass of Prosecco and the charming waitress pointed me towards the Mascareri from Veneto, Italy. It gets it’s name from the Mask Makers of Venice Circa 1436. And, it was delicious, pears were the predominant taste and a dry finish.

Pappagallo Cafe Pizzeria

But, I digress, back to the food. Could not go past the Gnocchi della Casa, made with their in house Napoletana Sauce from Italy’s favourite San Marzano tomatoes.

Pappagallo Cafe Pizzeria

The Gnocchi was so soft, the sauce was so elegant, and the strong tomato taste was exceptional. Pappagallo’s Gnocchi is plain and simple food but they step it up a notch with shredded spinach, quality Parmigiana and those DOP tomatoes.

Pappagallo Cafe Pizzeria

Of course you know, this means I have to go back to test drive the Pizza.

Pappagallo Cafe Pizzeria

Staff were very attentive and charming all evening. So, I was surprised, when I fronted up to the till and had to deal with a fairly unfriendly chap. Meh, it was a great experience regardless.

So, just to finish off this review properly we dashed in for lunch this week at Pappagallo. This was to fill a huge gap in the review, that was the wood fired pizza, which I’ve since read is acclaimed. So to rectify I bribed Xena with gnocchi and got the chance to try their fabulous pizza treat and coffee. So good.

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