The Wang’s Treasure House – Hong Kong Dim Sum


The Wang’s Treasure House, 4 Wellington Road, Morley, Phone 9275 4020.

I Get A Kick Out Of You … We were invited to a family lunch at The Wang’s Treasure House. Never being ones to say no to Dim Sum, dumplings and hot Tea, off we went.

The Wang's Treasure House

This lunch proved to be one of the most enjoyable Dim Sum adventures we’ve been on.

The Wang's Treasure House

Sam and Elky, the heads of the family and who are both Chefs, knew exactly what to order. It was great fun trying dishes we hadn’t tried before and those that were variations on a traditional dish.

The Wang's Treasure House

The Wang’s Treasure House is a traditional Hong Kong Dim Sum Restaurant and there is always a queue. Always. And, now I understand why.

The Wang's Treasure House

So, on to the food. The Har Gow, traditional Crystal Prawn Dumplings, were very juicy and tender. There were Spinach and Prawn Dumplings as well, which introduced a new flavour.

The Wang's Treasure House

lai wong bao

And the dishes just kept coming; Chicken Feet, Sticky Rice, drippy Custard Buns (Lai Wong Bao), Turnip Cake (Lo Bak Go), Seafood Ho Fun, Fried Squid, Crispy Prawn Wontons.

The Wang's Treasure House

seafood ho fun

So, the Rice Flour Rolls were the pièce de résistance for me and were unlike any I’d ever tried. Filled with crispy Prawns and a lush sauce, they were absolutely delicious.

The Wang's Treasure House

those fabulous Rice Flour Rolls

Thank you Sam, Elky, Nikki and Paulo, we had a great time.

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