Hikaru – St Martins Centre – Ramen


Hikaru, St Martins Centre, 50 St Georges Terrace, Perth, Phone 9225 5700.

Shine, Shine On … Stumbled across Hikaru in St Martins Centre by chance. Of course, I was foraging for food and this brief encounter proved to be a lucky break.

Hikaru - St Martins Centre

Hikaru specialise in Ramen, Donburi (or just plain old Don) and Sushi. And, it was quite busy while I was there so it’s obviously a popular choice for locals.

Hikaru - St Martins Centre

It’s a small venue but very sweet and the shop front on St Martins stands out. So, that possibly could mean I am becoming short-sighted.

Hikaru - St Martins Centre

Unable to find a Shoyu Chicken Ramen, I asked the charming server who told me it was possible and asked for $11.90. So, I sat and waited a very short time for my Ramen to be delivered.

Hikaru - St Martins Centre

It turned out to be a delightful bowl of food and the Shoyu broth was clear and perfectly seasoned. While the chicken was a real surprise as it was crunchy coated and so very tender. Delicious.

Hikaru - St Martins Centre

So, the noodles were al dente and there were loads. Loved that they topped the dish with spring onions, bean sprouts, corn, pickles and a Naruto.

Oh, and Hikaru means “Shine On”.

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