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Koko Black, Claremont Quarter, 23 St Quentin Ave Claremont, Phone 9284 2049

No Doubt About It … If you’re a chocolate fan then you need to visit Koko Black. The lofty halls of Claremont Quarter was my venue of choice, with a few ulterior motives at play.

Koko Black - Claremont Quarter

Chocolate Nibs in that raspberry jam, yum

I’d read about the driving force behind Koko Black, Shane Hill, who veered out of the Banking lane and ended up, up to his ears in cacao land. He’s done an excellent job because you can find a Koko Black café in just about every Australian capital city. Next stop Asia.

Koko Black - Claremont Quarter

But I digress, back to our local store and as a shop they sell chocolate in a wide variety of forms. My favourite display case held the chocolate bars with so many mixed ingredients I could not choose one alone.

Koko Black - Claremont Quarter

Settled in for breakfast in the “Lounge” and opted for Dr Marty’s house made crumpets with French butter and raspberry cocoa nib jam. Yum. Thanks Dr Marty, whoever you are, for this $8 treat.

Koko Black - Claremont Quarter

As a dish this combination worked really well and the chocolaty jam was awesome. The crumpets were oven fresh and had a chewy texture, great eating.

Koko Black - Claremont Quarter

Also enjoyed a topped up Short Mac which was strong, hot and just delightful.

Koko Black - Claremont Quarter

Claremont Quarter:
The ulterior motive of checking to see if Lucioli’s doors were closed and sadly, they were. Seems a few other places have disappeared as well. Ghost town.

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