Morley’s New Foodies – At The Markets – Updated


Morley’s New Foodies, Coventry Village Markets, Walter Road, Morley.

Change Changes Things … Something Coventry Village Markets know all about. Came across a few new foodie venues, some are open, some nearly open, some under construction.

Morley's New Foodies


It was exciting to see the changes and the new types of food on offer. And, I thought, if I’m interested other people will be too.

Sate Station: Asian cuisine, including Satay, Bee Hoon, Stir Fries and more. Prices are reasonable and the food is quite aromatic. Coventry Village.

Punjabi Kitchen: Indian Sweets & Curries. Went straight for the sweets, all made with full cream milk. Lovely. Made for Diwali and Deepavali usually. Coventry Village.

Roll Vs Bowl: Vietnamese Pho, Banh Mi and more. Opens today (27th Oct 2017) and has specials this weekend. Very cute venue. Coventry Village.

Ramen Eki: Japanese Soups. Finally, a ramen place in Morley and this one has just opened. Yay.

Morley's New Foodies Update

Morley Fish & Chips: Seafood. They’re now open and with all the fresh seafood on offer in Coventry Village, it’s going to be great. Prices are very reasonable and I can’t wait to try.

Morley's New Foodies

Now Open

David Dumpling King: Chinese Cuisine. This Dumpling place been open for a while but it stands out now with the new refurbishment.

Morley's New Foodies

Hog’s Breath Café: American Cuisine. Outside on Walter Road at Coventry Village. This chain restaurant offers Burgers, meals and more.

Morley's New Foodies

Pailin Thai: Thai Cuisine. Open now and prices are very affordable.

Morley's New Foodies

Big Mama II: Offering house made noodles prepared in the traditional Chinese way with Bamboo Poles.

Morley's New Foodies

Hedy’s Kitchen: Under construction. As there is no notice of the type of cuisine we’re all in for a surprise.

Morley's New Foodies

BreadTop Bakery: Asian Cuisine. Sweet and Savoury Asian treats at reasonable prices.

The Fish & Chip Shop: Yes, there is second fish and chip shop at Coventry Village. The good news is they’re now open.

Town Of Bread Bakery: So, authentic hand made bread with a variety of different types. Open now, next to the fountain and Galleria Shopping Centre and they offer Bread, Coffee, Brunch.

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