Shy John Brewery & Yum Cha – Beer Tasting


Shy John Brewery & Yum Cha, Yagan Square, Perth.

My Mouth Is Getting Cold … Let me tell you a little story about our visit to Shy John Brewery & Yum Cha. The day started off like any ordinary day and then we decided to go to this newly opened establishment.

Shy John Brewery & Yum Cha

There are some interesting points to this story 1. My mouth was getting cold from the beer 2. We ordered at least six dishes 3. We didn’t take any photos of the food. And, there it is in a nutshell, a complete and utter mess up from start to finish.

Shy John Brewery & Yum Cha

But the story doesn’t end there, oh no, because we spent quite a lot of time eating the food. Especially Shy John’s signature prawn dumplings and the inimitable custard buns. But there were others that will be mentioned as this tale unravels.

Shy John Brewery & Yum Cha

Shredded Radish with no Chinese sausage was a big hit and the crispy coating made these dumplings sensational. There were also some rice flour prawn rolls, those of the long and folded variety with a dash of soy sauce to round out the taste. Delicious.

I think I will cut this long story short and just moan in silence. But one thing I won’t moan about is the service as they had only been open for a few days and yes there were mistakes but that stuff just happens.

The motto of this story is that we had the best time and I went back and took photos of the outside of the venue, which is great by the way. All in all a sad tale that ended up with us all living happily ever after.

Delectable food. Great service. Happy ending.

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