Yefsi @ Attika – Barista Coffee – Greek Cuisine


Yefsi @ Attika, 279 Newcastle Street, Northbridge, Phone 0420 388 851. 

You Spin Me Round … The Attika Hotel is the home to Yefsi, an Eastern oriented café offering Greek cuisine.

Yefsi @ Attika

The hotel itself is boutique, which means it is small and offers benefits of a cheaper price per room and the wonders of room service food freshly made daily on the premises.

Yefsi @ Attika

I was too early to sample the Yiros but was happily surprised at the food display of various pastries this early in the a.m. Settled on a cappuccino and a Spanakopita and this savoury pastry was round like a record and extremely large. Lovely flavours with the spinach and feta and the crispy pastry was divine.

Yefsi @ Attika

A return visit is going to be mandatory because those Yiros have been calling my name for a few weeks now. Funnily enough I happened to drive past the venue quite accidentally. But the venue does stand out on this Newcastle Street strip. Fate telling me to drop in, I would suggest.

Yefsi @ Attika

The café itself is large and opens from 7.00a.m. for coffee and greek delicacies.

A very pleasant experience and I’m looking forward to the next course at this charming restaurant.

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