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Yiros @ Yefsi At Attika, 279 Newcastle Street, Northbridge, Phone 0420 388 851.

Finally, It Has Happened To Me … I promised to return to Yefsi and have managed to complete my promise promptly.

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It was nice to see the place was packed with one very large long table and one table for one. Well that was me, and funnily enough I didn’t feel left out or odd to be on my own, it’s something I do often.

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I ordered the chicken Yiros which came as a platter of hand cut rustic chips and the piece de resistance of the Yiros itself. Oh and the small tub of tzatziki which came with inviting aromas of garlic, wowsa. Dipping the chips in the tzatziki was an absolute joy with the crunchy artisan chips.

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The chicken was tender and cut into small pieces which made it easy to eat. The bread was handmade and chewy and near perfect. I’ve eaten a lot of these in my time but for $16.00 this one was stand out and absolutely delicious.

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So, staff are friendly and the place has a nice vibe. Oh, and I love the colour scheme with the light blue and white. All in all I had a very pleasant time all round.

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