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Measure Dessert Bar, 642 Beaufort Street, Mount Lawley, Phone 0457 552 245.

One Step Beyond … Or, above and beyond, say it anyway you like. Measure offers class and sophistication to both food and atmosphere.

Measure Dessert Bar

As all I had heard Xena talk about were the Beignets then I knew what to order straight away. It was many months ago that Measure opened but for Xena the desserts were hard to forget.

Measure Dessert Bar

I fronted up armed with an order for the Beignets and a cappuccino, just because.

Measure Dessert Bar

Did someone say salted caramel, it was hard to miss in this dish as some of the donuts were filled with it, while others relied on the art work to gain access to that taste. Flavour wise it was absolutely delicious and these blessed little donuts were amazing.

Measure Dessert Bar

A little crispy on the outside while remaining light and fluffy on the inside. Not much more to say except that it was an extremely memorable plate of food.

A small sample plate but for $13.00 for both the coffee and cake it was amazing value and outstanding delivery of taste and flavour.

Yes, I think I enjoyed it.

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