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Smoked Cod Cake @ Blacksmith Perth, 460 Beaufort Street, Highgate, Phone 6113 8684.

I Have My Memories … The best thing about devising a review is that you will always have the memory of the food you’ve eaten. Mostly, that is a good thing.

Smoked Cod Cake @ Blacksmith Perth

I always enjoy a visit to Blacksmith Perth because they have an interesting brunch menu that changes regularly. And, this particular visit was no exception.

Smoked Cod Cake @ Blacksmith Perth

I tried the Smoked Cod Cake which came with a poached hollandaise coated egg and various diced veggies. I was super impressed by the presentation of this dish and loved that they minutely diced the leeks to add to the cake itself.

Smoked Cod Cake @ Blacksmith Perth

A bit of wonder goes into the mind of a chef who can produce a dish with such expertise and knowledge. And, have things just work, in the best possible way.

I also ordered a long macchiato topped up which came with a good heat, not too cold and perfect foam. Seriously good coffee and something I look forward to when I decide to dine at Blacksmith Perth.

Another great meal to add to my memories.

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