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Measure Dessert Bar, 642 Beaufort Street, Mount Lawley, Phone 0457 552 245.

And Let It Shine … Marlo and I scurried along to Measure Bar for brunch the other day and we weren’t disappointed. I’ve actually been now twice and each time I’ve been mesmerised by the food.

Measure Dessert Bar

To say the café is sophisticated would be an understatement. But brunch is a whole other story as the exquisiteness just rolls out on the tastebuds and leaves you definitely wanting more.

Measure Dessert Bar

So, this occasion was no exception and we decided to share. We ordered a plate of lemon meringue pancakes and a Rosti Benedict with trussed tomatoes. This was such a good approach to the food that I don’t know why we haven’t done it in the past.

Now those pancakes were light and fluffy, as was the meringue, perfectly cooked and such wonderful flavours. We just cut it in half and shared.

So, the rosti was perfectly cooked and the tiny eggs, bantum?, were just sensational, as was the hollandaise sauce. What can I say but delicious. No need to cut it in half as each egg had it’s own Rosti to contend with.

Perfectly wonderful.

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