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Frittata @ Our Table, 3 / 180a Grand Promenade, Bedford, Phone 9371 3890.

Frittata The One Pan Meal … I’m a big fan of this Italian treat and it always surprises me that it’s not on the menu at most places.

Frittata @ Our Table Bedford

But today, at Our Table in Bedford, I spied their frittata and knew exactly what I was going to eat.

Frittata @ Our Table Bedford

I always want to gather a crowd, stand on a soapbox and brag about how good this eggy meal actually is, so that it will be included in future menus around town.

Frittata @ Our Table Bedford

This version of the meal was full of vegetables from pumpkin through to onions through to mushrooms. And it was delicious with rocket piled high on top. The aromas alone were enough to want me to eat this plate of food.

I will return to eat this food again because it is hard to find and this one was outstanding.

I had an early morning coffee so I couldn’t include it in a review. Which did not detract from the meal in general at all.

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