Montaditos @ Pinchos – Wine Bar – Barista Coffee


Montaditos @ Pinchos, 749 Newcastle Street, Leederville, Phone 9228 3008.

There Lingers Still, Though We’re Far Apart … This is my second review on smashed avocado. This particular visit was a long time in revisiting but the Montaditos are still spectacular.

Montaditos @ Pinchos

Imagine a hefty sourdough slice, grilled to perfection and topped with confit piquillo (capsicum), anchovies and truffle oil. Talk about simple food this was put together in a speedy fashion but the tastes lingered on through to the end.

Montaditos @ Pinchos

So, I also had myself a well earned long macchiato topped up and it was amazing, smooth, creamy, no bitterness and froth art. What more do you need. Perhaps another montadito to go with it.

Montaditos @ Pinchos

Shhh don’t tell anyone that I was allowed to be served from the lunch menu as breakfast was currently being served. This was a very nice touch as I’d been looking forward to the anchovies a great deal. Thank you, it was perfect.

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