Smashed Avo @ Blacksmith Perth – Barista Coffee – Brunch


Smashed Avo @ Blacksmith Perth, 460 Beaufort Street, Highgate, Phone 6113 8684.

Money’s Too Tight To Mention … But not if you dine at Blacksmith Perth. I’m continually astounded at the prices and the good value for the food being served.

Smashed Avo @ BLacksmith Perth

This particular review was carefully organised by myself so that I could add number three smashed avo into the mix. I was not disappointed.

Smashed Avo @ BLacksmith Perth

Not your average smashed avocado. I have to admit I was surprised, as it had a very mixed bag of ingredients, including feta, heirloom tomatoes, hot sauce and toasted nuts.

Smashed Avo @ BLacksmith Perth

A plethora of good quality herbs and I was blown away by the combination of flavours and the usual little bits and pieces that make Blacksmith Perth an enjoyable place to visit.

Let me just say smashed avocado has not left the building, there is room for this modest little meal at any time or place. So, that sounds like a challenge and if so, I accept. Perhaps putting away the smashed avo is not an option anymore. Lets keep demanding more.

Delicious food.

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