2 Mad Tuscans Pizzeria – Hand Rolled Pizza Dough


2 Mad Tuscans Pizzeria, 1 / 957 Beaufort Street, Inglewood, Phone 9272 1728.

Out Of Nowhere … Driving in search of a pizza I was actually pretty amazed to find a new place. 2 Mad Tuscans Pizzeria is my kind of café because not only do they make fun of themselves they make great pizza.

2 Mad Tuscans Pizzeria

Situated near Cecchis in Inglewood this place has either got new owners or they’ve just changed their name. It doesn’t matter I was very happy to find them and ordered a Margherita pizza straight away.

2 Mad Tuscans Pizzeria

The two owners were born and bred in Tuscany and decided that Tuscan pizzas were something lacking in Perth. I’m glad that they did otherwise I would have been having cheese on toast at home.

2 Mad Tuscans Pizzeria

The pizza crust was super chewy but still light and pretty flexible. Best of all it was cooked all the way through, no soggy base with these guys.

The Pomodoro sauce was lightly salted and quite sweet but delicious.

All in all I would suggest this is one of the best pizzas I’ve tasted around Perth. And, it’s nearly my local, what more could I ask for. Thanks for the great food.

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