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Tarts Cafe, 212 Lake Street, Northbridge WA 6003, Phone 9328 6607.

Sadness … We recently lost one of our own. Tarts Café has changed their menu and life as we know it won’t ever be the same.

Tarts Cafe

Lake Street Cafe

Tarts was a regular haunt of ours. We particularly liked the patio area at the back of the Café. Shaded umbrellas and pleasant surrounds. And, the regular items on their menu that made the visits so special. Yes, we really went for the food.

Returning for lunch today and discovering their changed menu was very disappointing. The menu is now basically “brunch” with some lunch items offered. All our favourites … gone.

Trying to make the best of the choice on offer, I ordered something I didn’t really want. Selected Chicken Pate. It came with soggy toast, was warm and very unappetising.

Xena ordered the Italian Breakfast which consisted of a whole sliced avocado, a whole sliced tomato and two poached eggs with some crumbled feta. I like to be entertained by food presentation and this was sadly unimaginative and definitely something I could have flung together myself at home.

Tarts, where are the Fish and Chip, the Chicken Pie, the Pasta dishes? Where has the interesting lunch menu gone? You don’t have to compete with Sayers Sister for breakfast.

I used to love lunch at Tarts. I am utterly devasted and disappointed with the new menu.

Update January 2015:
Just read the new menu on the Tarts website. There are some interesting things on the breakfast menu now that will probably tempt me back. Anything with guacamole is going to prove too tempting to ignore. Lunch remains a bit of a mystery, so I’m thinking it will be a brunch trek back to Lake Street for us.

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