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Oceanside Bar, Mullaloo Beach Hotel, 10 Oceanside Promenade, Mullaloo WA 6027, Phone 9401 8411.

Crowded House … Situated right on Mullaloo Beach, is the Mullaloo Hotel, home to the Oceanside Bar. My first visit to the bar went very well. We watched the sun go lazily down over the ocean from the deck. And, then the music started, turning the atmosphere on it’s head but in a good way.

Oceanside Bar

Courtesy: Mullaloo Beach Hotel

Being a Friday night meant we could enjoy half price cocktails. Really nice Mojitos with smashed lime and fresh mint. Such a busy bar but the cocktails were made immediately with no wait. The bartenders were happy to chat while they were making drinks. As were the wait staff who toured to room for drink orders.

A couple of family members were fleeing to Melbourne to better jobs (and Melbourne food). So we were there for the going away party.

The staff gave us all bracelets to wear, as from that time on the escaping duo were paying. Yahoo. And, we were assigned our own section of the lounge area for the food. This was a surprise and it was so welcome.

We were treated to platters of finger food; Satay Skewers, Sushi, a trio of Dips with toasted Turkish Bread, Feta and Tomato Mini Bruschettas with a balsamic glaze. I’m not kidding there was a lot to choose from. It was all good, fresh food and very tasty.

The crowd was very friendly and the staff were great. Will definitely be returning. Funnily enough, once the sun went down and we lost our view, no one even cared.

We need to make a return visit to try their Tapas Bar. I can imagine sitting on that deck, watching the water and eating some delicious food. Yep.

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