Paul Contis Restaurant and Winery


Paul Contis Restaurant, 529 Wanneroo Road, Woodvale WA 6026, Phone 9409 1516.

Back to the future … The staff at Paul Contis Restaurant were friendly and the décor was a bit dated but it was the food that let this place down.

Paul Contis Restaurant

Paul Contis Restaurant and Winery

We were given a private room as there were 12 of us and were treated very well by the staff. By the time the food arrived we had sampled some of Mr Conti’s beautiful wines, which were enjoyed by all. But none of that could disguise the disappointing food.

My linguine with prawns, chilli and coriander was not al dente and had been cut in half, a definite culinary “no no”. The flavours didn’t gel and the dish was more Asian than Italian which was not expected from an Italian Chef in an Italian Restaurant. The flavourless prawns completed this hopeless dish.

Xena, a big fish fan, ordered the Barramundi which was market price and cost $45.00. When paying that sort of money you expect an amazing dish. The Barramundi was frozen and it was also tasteless. Hugely disappointing.

We were asked if we wanted vegetables for the table and they came out late but consisted of mainly frozen vegetables. Later when the bill came we noticed the charge of $7.50 each person for them. Seems they had charged for the potatoes as well as the vegetables. There was no offer to take the potatoes off the bill even though we had been charged twice.

This is a restaurant that should come back to the future and start serving food that matches the prices they charge. This Restaurant nearly has it all, service, atmosphere, great wines but the food lets it down dramatically.

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