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El Asador Argentinean Grill, Location Varies, Phone 0400 556 395.

Great food … El Asador can usually be found at the Twilight Hawkers Market in Perth. This Market Stall is quite possibly the first thing you can smell as you approach Forrest Place on a Friday Night. There is something about that BBQ’d meat aroma that draws a crowd.

El Asador

At the Twilight Hawkers Market

There is a lot of meat to be had from this stall like Chorizo Hot Dogs, Ribs and Black Pudding. But my favourite is their Provoleta, the Argentinean version of the Italian Provolone cheese. Which they BBQ and serve with a Chimichurri Verde, a garlic and parsley pesto and it’s delicious.

Those with a sweet tooth haven’t been forgotten because Alfajores is on the menu. Basically it’s a shortbread biscuit filled with Dulce de Leche. There’s also a chocolate covered version of this biscuit. They are both delicious.

So, El Asador also have an online shop selling their award winning Chimichurri, Meats and other products.

This Market Stall was one of the First Wave of Street Food vendors to arrive on the Perth scene. We’ve noticed there are queues for their food every time we’ve come across them. Those BBQ aromas absolutely pull in the crowds.

Love that we have Argentinean Street Food for sale in Perth. There are so many Street Vendors now and so many different cuisines. It’s so awesome.

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