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Sweetlips Fish and Chips, 125 Oxford Street, Leederville WA 6007, Phone 9242 5745.

The Fish and Then The Chips … Was persuaded to try Sweetlips Fish and Chips. I’d been there before and enjoyed it. But Xena insisted we try it again, apparently, it’s awesome now.

Service was a little lackadaisical. It seemed to take ages to order because staff were getting distracted. Eventually, order placed, we were given water, cutlery and napkins to take to our table.

Sweetlips Leederville

Then the Chef disappeared. Literally, he was there and then he wasn’t there. Wondering what was going on we just starting chatting and tried to ignore the hunger pains. About 20 minutes later the Chef reappeared. Lunch break? We sat through four other orders before ours was called. By this time 35 minutes had passed.

We both ordered plain fish and chips. The Fish was fine, but the batter was really oily and soft. We just pulled the batter off and ate the fish.

And then the chips. Some crunchy, some soft. Lacklustre at best.

So, the food was okay. Not fabbo, fantastic or the best I’ve ever had. It was okay. Edible. A little bit oily, portion size fine, a bit pricey but that’s Perth.

Overall, I think our visit was marred by the Chef’s disappearing act. The wait was just too long. And, nobody said a word to us about how long things would take. In fact no one smiled at all.

The place needs a bit of zing and passion. Or, perhaps we were just there on an off day.

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