Comida do Sul Brazilian Food Truck


Comida do Sul, Location Varies, Phone 0405 967 469.

Coxinha … Caught up with Comida do Sul at the Maylands Hawkers Market and finally tried a Coxinha. Such great flavours, a pear shaped croquette with creamy mashed potato, a super crunchy coating and shredded chicken right in the centre. Awesome.

Comida Do Sul Brazilian Food Truck

Vege choripan … Also tried the veggie choripan (Brazilian hot dog) with a house made bean sausage, salsa, mayo and topped with chilli sauce. This was so good, an explosion of different tastes and all working together so well. Will definitely be trying this again.

Vege Prato Feito … Finally tried a Praito Feito (or a “composed plate” which includes rice and beans and some sort of protein, fish, chicken or in this case bean sausage). So my meal had, as well as black beans and rice, kale and diced tomatoes with a great vinegary dressing, a bean sausage, a crispy fried yam (yum) and farofa (crushed, dried yam). This dish was veery tasty, good home style cooking. Worth hunting down this food truck to try all their dishes.

Comida do Sul is one of my favourite Food Trucks and the first to bring Brazilian food to Perth Streets. They’re consistently good. We regularly visit them at Tyre Mart on Friday nights. An odd venue but it works. They play their Brazilian music and put out chairs. We sit and eat great food.

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