Bangkok Jump Street – Market Stall


Bangkok Jump Street, Location Varies, Phone 0403 456 039.

Thai Street Food … Bangkok Jump Street sell their own brand of Thai Street food. Think fresh, locally sourced produce, flame grilled with loads of herbs and vegetables.

Bangkok Jump Street - Market Stall

At the Maylands Street Festival …

For example, Spicy Squid on flame. Succulent squid slices grilled on an open flame and served with fresh coriander and an excellent chilli sauce. Lush flavours and great food. This was a special offer which we purchased at the Maylands Hawkers Market. They served this for a number of weeks.

One of their signature dishes is Prawn Pad Thai which I have had a few times now and it’s delicious. Fresh noodles with prawns, egg, spring onions, bean sprouts, tofu and onions wok tossed in a fab sauce. Fresh and fabulous at around $10.00 a serve.

Other signature dishes include, flame grilled Coconut Pork Skewers, Pork Crackling Salad and Wonton Pad Thai.

They also sell Thai Longan Juice and it’s fab. Longan’s come from the same family as Lychee and have a similar taste. Longan literally translate as Dragon’s Eye. Because when the fruit is shelled it resembles an eyeball. But don’t let that put you off.

Bangkok Jump Street can be found at most of the Food Markets around Perth.

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