Little Cheese Shop – Speciality Store


Little Cheese Shop, 89C Whatley Crescent, Bayswater WA 6053, Phone 0401 197 487

Much more than cheese … The Little Cheese Shop is near the train station in Bayswater and I have been meaning to stage a reconnoitre mission for a while. Looks can be deceiving as the shop front hides a cache of hidden treasures.

Little Cheese Shop

Goodies Galore.

Being a big cheese fan stepping into this place was like winning the lottery. Beautifully presented hand-selected cheese and a huge range to choose from. But they also have a great assortment of breads, tarts, terrines, pates, rillettes and other take home food.

Took home a baguette of the very crusty variety and some French Brie. Let’s just say they’re doing it very well. Oh, and it seems that Saturday mornings are the best for tarts and other baked goods.

Little Cheese Shop

Saturday Morning Treats

One of the co-owners of the shop is an ex Chef who personally selects the cheeses, a lot of which come from the Blue Cow Cheese Company. They hold Cheese and Beer nights, as well as Cheese and Wine matching nights. There are also other events but they fill up fast, so follow them on Facebook for the latest news.

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