Sandrino Cafe Pizzeria – Italian Restaurant


Sandrino Cafe Pizzeria, 16 South Terrace, Fremantle WA 6160, Phone 9335 4487.

Wood Fired Pizza … On a lazy Sunday afternoon in Fremantle walking along the cafe strip we discovered Sandrino Cafe Pizzeria. Actually, it was the pizza that two young ladies were sharing in the outdoor area that caught our eye. That pizza lured us into the cafe.

Sandrino Cafe Pizzeria - Italian Restaurant

The friendly Hostess seated us quite quickly, with water and menus arriving soon after. As we had already decided that pizza was definitely going to happen, we chose a Margherita with a side of wedges to go with it.

Sandrino Cafe Pizzeria - Italian Restaurant

The wedges were really crunchy on the outside and light and fluffy on the inside, yum. The wood fired pizza base was really good, chewy and not too crispy.  The tomato sauce was nice and zingy. There was the usual mozzarella but they had also added some bocconcini and topped it off with fresh basil. Always love it when they add bocconcini, mmmm.

Sandrino Cafe Pizzeria - Italian Restaurant

Nothing bad to say about our Sandrino experience. The food, atmosphere and service were all pretty good. Really liked the al fresco area which overlooked some street art across the road. Sheltering from the sun under the large umbrellas was also very pleasant.

The building itself looks to be half old and half new. The older half is really lovely. And, they have managed to blend the two together quite well. Love Fremantle, would like to live there but I think that boat has sailed.

Sandrino Cafe Pizzeria - Italian Restaurant

The Building Sandrino resides in has been Heritage Listed. Constructed in 1898 there is a shop and 3 dwellings under the same listing. Place No 07197.

Part of the West End Conservation Area. Which was put in place to protect and conserve buildings in this precinct. An area encompassing the whole west end of Fremantle City.

I was really happy to hear about this particular Listing. Fremantle is a maze of lovely old buildings. Nice to think they’ll be around for a while longer.

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