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Holly Raye’s, James Street, Bassendean WA 6054, Phone 0434 598 438.

Breakfast in Bassendean … The buzz about Holly Raye’s is exciting, although we are a little late to the party. It’s a tiny café just off the strip but it is bustling. Obviously the word has been out for a while that the food is good. About time we paid a visit then.

Holly Raye's

Firstly, I was really impressed with the décor. Calm blues and whites, even whitewashing the wooden floors to match the walls works really well. They have a retro style Smeg refrigerator which fits perfectly into the older style of the building. Also really like that the kitchen is partly visible through the doorway.

On entering the café we picked up a menu and took a seat to decide what we wanted to eat. Holly Raye’s is an order and pay at the counter style café. Suits us.

Holly Raye's

So we sat and surveyed the menu. One particular dish caught my attention, the Breakfast Guacamole, Black Beans and Jalapeno Corn Bread. That was the one for me. Xena’s sweet tooth took over and she had to have the Sticky Gingerbread, Vanilla Mascapone, Treacle Toffee Sauce, Poached Pear and Campfire Marshmallow. We just hoped the dishes would taste as good as they sounded.

Holly Raye's

Ordering at the counter went well with smiles all round. Must say the food display case was very enticing. The cakes looked amazing.

Holly Raye's

The wait for food was a little lengthy but considering how many people were ordering at once not too bad.

And, then the food arrived. Both dishes looked just great and they were quite large in size. Xena said her dish tasted absolutely amazing and she insisted I try some. She was right it was crazy good. The blend of treacle sauce, mascarpone and the gingerbread was awesome.

Holly Raye's

My dish had a very thick slice of jalapeno corn bread, with a generous scoop of the beans and guacamole. There were loads of herbs scattered over the top. And, char grilled corn kernals scattered around the plate. This was a really delicious breakfast.

Holly Raye's

Thanks for an enjoyable meal. Kudos.

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