Bivouac Canteen and Bar – Coffee Bar


Bivouac Canteen and Bar, 198 William Street, Northbridge WA 6003, Phone 9227 0883.

Wake up and Smell The Coffee … Toddled into Bivouac for a coffee and we were pleasantly surprised.

Bivouac Canteen and Bar

Firstly, it’s a small café but perfectly formed. With wooden floors and banquet style seating. Bivouac is fully licensed and there are pavement tables as well. Probably the most attractive feature was the Bar itself with it’s grids and shelves and the line up of spirits and wines.

Bivouac Canteen and Bar

But we were there for coffee and that’s what we ordered. Well, except Xena who opted for an iced tea. Given the heat of the day she probably had the right idea.

Bivouac Canteen and Bar

Ordered an espresso and spent some time appreciating the aroma of the coffee. Seriously good smells wafting towards me. And on first sip I knew this was genuinely good coffee. The conclusion being that on a scale of 1 to 10, I would give this coffee a 9. Yum.

Xena said her iced tea was fab. While the third member of our party said she enjoyed her cappuccino a lot.

Bivouac Canteen and Bar

We didn’t stay long at Bivouac but the staff were friendly and it was a pleasant stay. Really liked that they had a water station, always a good thing.

Bivouac Canteen and Bar

Oh, and a small word about their menu. There was a long list of things I would choose to eat. So we all decided we had to make a return visit to try the food.

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