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Fritter Fiesta, Location Varies, Market Stall.

Corn Fritters … There’s a new Street Food vendor in town and they’re called Fritter Fiesta. Theirs is a unique idea and for me it was love at first sight. Food love that is.

Fritter Fiesta - Market Stall

So, Fritter Fiesta offer up corn fritters fresh from the Grill. Like all Street Food vendors you can watch the cooking process as you wait for your order. The grill was working very hard that particular day as orders seemed to be piling in.

Fritter Fiesta - Market Stall

They offer up the corn fritters with three different toppings. My favourite was the Black Beans, Gucamole and Spicy Jam. A big serving of food for $12.00, with two large fitters and a good helping of the toppings. I thought the Spicy Jam really took the flavour level up a notch. Excellent.

Nearly lost the plate to Xena when she tried a mouthful. But I managed to fend her off.

Fritter Fiesta - Market Stall

Currently Fritter Fiesta have a regular fortnightly spot at the Subiaco Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings. And, we did notice them first at the Twilight Hawkers Market in the City.

Fritter Fiesta - Market Stall

At the moment these guys don’t have a Facebook page or a Twitter account. Seems word of mouth is working well for them.

There is some information about Fritter Fiesta on the Subiaco Farmer’s Market Website.

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