Comida Do Sul Brazilian Food Truck – Revisit


Comida Do Sul Brazilian Food Truck, Location Varies, Phone 0405 967 469.

Reimagining Hyde Park … Facebook put Comida Do Sul in my face this morning. Literally. The first thing on my timeline was a picture of the Food Truck and their schedule for the day. Which included Hyde Park from 11.00 am to 3.00 pm. Woohoo.

Comida Do Sul Brazilian Food Truck

We got ready and sped off to enjoy some Brazilian food.

Love the food from this truck and it has been two years since I wrote a review. So a revisit was definitely in order. We arrived and drove around the park looking for CDS. The Truck was parked under a giant fig tree at the Playground end of the Park.

Comida Do Sul Brazilian Food Truck

They had their Brazilian music playing, pleasant cooking smells wafting towards us and tiny tables and chairs set out. This food truck has a very impressive commercial kitchen and they make a variety of food.

We ordered our usual Vegipans. Hand rolled black bean sausage with tomato salsa, chimichurri and homemade Mayo. These Brazilian “hot dogs” are housed in good quality bread that has been crisped on the grill.

Comida Do Sul Brazilian Food Truck

After a short wait we got our food and were offered Chilli Sauce and napkins. Excellent.

The food was as brilliant as ever. You get the texture of the beans in the vegi sausage. Even though they are mostly mashed. And, the taste is just so good. The best $10.00 hot dog you can buy, in my opinion.

Comida Do Sul Brazilian Food Truck

We sat at the teeniest table on the tiniest chairs but it was pretty comfortable and the view was awesome. Since we were covered by the foliage of the Fig Tree, the fact that there was a thunder storm brewing didn’t worry us.

Maybe, if you shut out the noise from the children’s playground you could almost imagine yourself in a Brazilian rainforest.

Comida Do Sul Brazilian Food Truck

Seems like a great way to have lunch. Yep, we thought so too.

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