Lowdown Espresso – Coffee – Treats


Lowdown Espresso, Shop 16A Cloisters Arcade, 865 Hay Street, Perth WA 6000, Phone 9226 3041.

Expertly Engineered Coffee … Early morning meeting in the City. Half an hour to go and in desperate need of a coffee. My nose picked up a pleasant aroma just as I came across a rather long line of people queuing for coffee. Always a good sign, so with a leap of faith, I joined the queue.

Lowdown Espresso - Coffee - Treats

Shhhh, they’ll all want one.

It seems I had accidentally stumbled across Lowdown, the sister café to Bossman Coffee in Mount Lawley. And a place I had been meaning to try for a long while. Interestingly, I’m in Cloisters Square about every six weeks and had walked right past this place a number of times. It appears the only signage is inside the cafe and that’s how I missed it.

For some reason I was called over by one of the Baristas. Pretty sure it was because he knew I was a newbie. Kind of nice that they know their customers that well.

Lowdown Espresso - Coffee - Treats

Tasty Treats

The place itself is quite dark because there is subdued lighting but I found it quite comforting. One windowed wall faces into Cloisters Square so enough light generates from there.

Lowdown Espresso - Coffee - Treats

There are two coffee machines at either end of the space. Was entertained by the three people who were engineering the coffee and churning out cup after cup. So much expertise involved in the creation of the individual brews.

Lowdown Espresso

Liked the eclectic seating a lot with the high tables and stools scattered around. Also nice to see a water station, which is a trend I love.

A minimal amount of food was on offer, think muffins, slices, that kind of thing.

But I digress because this place is all about the coffee and those aromas permeate the air. It’s obvious some serious coffee business takes place in this venue.

My coffee arrived and there seemed to be an appropriate level of froth with a nice crema swirl through it. The aromas from the coffee wafted towards me and I started to enjoy the coffee before even tasting it. Fabulous.

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