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Canton Seafood Restaurant, Shop 1A, Coventry Village Markets, Walter Road, Morley WA 6062, Phone 9275 8232.

Chinese Food 6 … Do you believe there is a Hong Kong BBQ and Dim Sum place in Morley? Well, I didn’t either. Canton Seafood Restaurant is located in the Coventry Village Markets. It seems they have escaped my attention since April 2015. Yeesh.

Canton Seafood Restaurant

Xena and I soon rectified that little fiasco by heading off to have a dim sum Brunch. We were surprised by how busy the Restaurant was. This is how I remember Dim Sum places in Hong Kong and Singapore. Bustling, with tables changing every 30 minutes or so. Carts edging their way around tables with Bamboo Baskets piled high with tempting treats.

Canton Seafood Restaurant

Waiters were very friendly, we were shown to a quickly cleared table, given fresh cutlery, tablecloth, plates and chopsticks. And, a large pot of Chinese Tea. We were made to feel welcome.

It was interesting to watch the “specials” tour the room, not in a cart, but stacked up a waiter’s arm, or laid out on trays. Deftness and artistry blatantly needed in that task.

Canton Seafood Restaurant specialises in Seafood, obviously, but they are also offer Duck and Pork Hong Kong BBQ.

We selected Salt and Pepper Squid, Chinese Greens in Oyster Sauce, Fried Crab Cakes, Prawn Dumplings and Black Sesame Glutinous Balls.

Really tender squid, seriously hard to find a place that serves tender not chewy squid. And, the salt and pepper was just great.

Canton Seafood Restaurant

The Prawn Dumplings had a lot of prawn meat inside and were sweet and chewy tasty morsels. Love them dipped in the staple chilli sauce found at just about every dim sum place.

Canton Seafood Restaurant

The Greens were really crisp and the sauce was salty. The crab cakes I’ve never seen before. You could taste fresh crab but they seemed to be formed meat and were so large we couldn’t eat all on the plate. I really liked them but Xena just kept staring at them and eating something else. Not a fan.

Oops, almost forgot the Black Sesame Glutinous Balls. These too were something I’d not come across before. We presumed they were Lotus Seed Paste or Red Bean Balls. But on biting into the sesame clad fried balls we discovered a black liquidy filling with a big sesame taste. Delightful.

Canton Seafood Restaurant

Would definitely return to this venue. The food is great, the staff are friendly and the venue itself is clean and tidy. Have been trying to find a Dim Sum place to haunt for a long time, Canton Seafood Restaurant just could be the one.

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